Thoughts on current software choices

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Thoughts on current software choices

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Good Morning;

Just wondering on general feelings about SBA vs D-Pro as well as other options out there like QLC or EMU?
Tried EMU but so far the bugs have driven me away. After working with it for several hours and having it lose all my patches I was a bit too disheartened to start over with a blank screen again.

I had pretty good success with D-Pro in the past, but it seems to have been retired except for a single bug fix that was released this year.

Just getting back into lighting and trying to decide on what direction to go. Not a lot of current info out there, most things are several years old.

I have purchased DMXIS and then D-Pro. Trying to decide if I should now buy Show Buddy Active or not, it seems to be pretty legit but the ability to have a open source project is also compelling.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts!