Wish List - Realistic and Simple Fixes

Post your requests for new features here! One wish per topic please.
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Wish List - Realistic and Simple Fixes

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Wish list…

- fix channels in other universes.
Discovered that you can only see the dmx channel when clicking on a channel slider bar in universe 1. In all the other universes it does not show the dmx address and you have to count each slider or use a calculator to find out what channel you are on.

- need more colors for the fixture sets in the visualizer window.

- need to be able to import a background image picture in visualizer window to make your layout more realistic in planning for a gig. Not all gigs are the same and not all events are indoor. Would be nice to take picture of a stage, import that background into visualizer window and move lights around over the background. This feature is better then drawing fake truss and waste channels.

- need color buttons on the touch console. Would be nice to color code the buttons and easy to ser and distinguish from other fixtures.