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Other wish list items

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2022 2:31 pm
by zorpiedoman
Here are some other things I would love to see in D-Pro. Please reply if these are already possible and I'm just being a dummy and haven't figured it out yet...

1. I wish when you clicked on any window they would all come to the front of the screen. (Z-stack) When I check my email or something while working in D-Pro I have to re-activate each window individually to get back to where I was.
2. I wish the fixture list was an XML file or some other editable format. Or be able to edit it right in D-Pro. Or at the ver least a way to filter/search the list.
3. After using the program for a while it gets pretty slow. Long reaction times when editing a cue button. Bringing up the preferences window it is over 5 seconds before I can edit a value.
4. It would be nice to be able to copy/paste/duplicate a cue button on the show control window. Then I could copy them to a different tab as well.
5. I need to be able to reorder the tabs on the show control window.
6. This would be big... It would be great to have an option so that triggers would only fire VISIBLE cue buttons on the show control window. I'd like to be able to assign F1-F10 on one tab and reuse F1-F10 on the next tab and have them be independent.
7. I don't need it to ask me if "I am sure" when closing the show control window. Can we add a "dont show this again" option?
8. This was interesting.. I remixed an audio file, but when I dragged and dropped on the timeline the old one kept playing. I discovered there is a audio folder and unless I change the name of the .wav file it uses the old one.
9. BUG - there is some sort of bug... I can't tell exactly what causes it but if I'm playing a cue in the show control that has a long audio file sometimes it won't shut off no matter what i do... even the panic button. I have to close and reopen the entire program. I think it has something to do with editing stuff while the audio is playing. I don't see this as a problem when running a show.