It's been a while... how is everybody?

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It's been a while... how is everybody?

Post by steveforward »

Hi everyone,

Steve Forward here. I'm the guy DB used back in 2012 or so to showcase something called ShowBuddy back then.
I'm stilll here, and still using it, even under lockdown, I produce shows, and live stream to a subscribtion audience. All of the backing tracks and lighting are still done using Showbuddy.

I'm just about to throw down some tutorials on SB on my YouTube channel (steveforwarduk).

I'm still using version 1.3 of SB, and today I tried to install 1.6, but it said MSVCP.dll was missing.

I should point out that all my machines use Win7-64bit with the latest updates installed. I simply refuse to go up to win10, I just simply do not like it. :)

Apart from that, anyone have any help or advice, esp. from the grand high wizard himself DB.. would be much appreciated.

Stay safe everybody, and sorry I left it too long!

Doesn't Show Buddy Active look good.. Video is more important than ever..
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Re: It's been a while... how is everybody?

Post by wesearcy »

Doing well. Looking forward to getting back out there. The phone is starting to ring again.

I always appreciate performing in darker settings to show off what Showbuddy brings to the table. There is added excitement when there are new sequences to display as well. What a great product for all us small venue folk. We get to look more like the traveling operations on a local level because of what Showbuddy does.

Snippet of one of my sequences:

Dang Steve Forward, have you ever moved the ball down the road!!! Excellent work on all fronts, lights, guitar, & video editing. Very impressive!!! I want to make another run to Britain and if so, I'm looking you up brutha. Amazing stuff!!!
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