Changing fixtures/changing fader names while keeping programmed fader values?

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Changing fixtures/changing fader names while keeping programmed fader values?

Post by adamfresk » Fri Feb 14, 2020 2:38 pm

Is it possible to change the fixtures that are assigned to a given range of channels, while keeping the existing programming?

I just bought a bunch of moving heads which I´ve spent a lot of time programming. When I used the fixtures on a gig, however, I found them lacking in brightness, and I´m thinking of exchanging them for the model above in the same series. The channel names and functions aren´t identical between the two models, however, so I would need to re-patch some of the faders to control different channels, as well as re-naming some of them in order to visually match the functions they actually will control in the new fixtures.

Preferably, I´d like to simply change the names of individual faders rather than loading completely new fixtures from the fixture library onto them. Is this possible, or will I have to create completely new fixtures in the fixture editor, load them into the show, and then re-patch the faders to match the channels they control?

Also - will loading new fixtures onto existing faders affect the programming that has been done to them (the faders)? In other words: does the programming apply to the given faders or to the fixture functions/DMX channels, so that re-patching a fader "moves" the programming done to that fader to "follow" the DMX channel rather than controlling the fader itself?

Am I making any sense at all? :-P

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