DMXIS & ABLETON bank and preset organization

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DMXIS & ABLETON bank and preset organization

Post by audiblecreations » Sun Feb 09, 2020 4:26 pm

I am stuck on what to do in regards to the organization of my banks and presets within Ableton. I am using DMXis as a return channel and have 2 midi channels (one for triggering banks, and the second for triggering the presets within that bank) being sent to it. I have a large light show and with 12 pars and 6 moving heads. The problem is this...

I have over 200 songs. Each song has a corresponding midi note that launches its bank which limits me to 128 songs (limit of piano roll/midi notes available). I need more notes on the piano roll. Since that's not possible, I was thinking I could have one generic light show bank that could serve multiple songs that I don't normally play instead of each song having its own "Bank". The problem with this is then it will be harder to customize each song that uses that generic bank.

What would you do? Any tips on how to organize would be greatly appreciated! I apologize if this is too much info or it's too broad.

Additional info: I am in a cover band hence the 200 songs. I have 100+ presets in my first bank that I copy a few from and put into each individual song bank depending on the color and mood Im going for. Im still using Live 9 and have not upgraged my apple laptop to the newest OS since I hear they don't cooperate well. Also note, I started deleting some songs from the main bank list so the pictures may show some missing if you're going by alphabetical order.

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Re: DMXIS & ABLETON bank and preset organization

Post by cgrafx » Sun Feb 09, 2020 8:06 pm

If you build your presets in modular form as looks rather than songs, you can have an infinite number of songs.

For example.

program 1. Front Lights Red
program 2. Front Lights Blue
program 3. Front lights green
program 4. back lights Red
program 5. back lights Blue
program 6. back lights green
program 7. Solo guitar
program 8. Solo bass
program 9. solo keys
program 10. solo drums
program 11 chase back lights on
program 12 chase back lights off

with judicious use of masking the front, back and solo settings all can work independently from each other.

So you can not only turn on front lights Red, but add green and blue as well so any combination of RED, GREEN and BLUE (On or off) can be called up creating 6 colors from three presets.

It does take some time to configure buts its a lot more flexible allowing you to build your lighting cues from those program building blocks, rather than a single bank for each song.

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