Group RGB Faders

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Group RGB Faders

Post by 2020 » Sun Nov 10, 2019 2:23 pm

Hi Guys,

I hope this question wasn't asked before (I couldn't find one so far)...

I am trying to do "inteligent chase" of white with Enttec's RGB Pixel Tape (8PL30-F). This is what I did and didn't work as I wanted...

I applied "Enttec GBR Pixel LED Strip" to all the faders.

1. Macros -> Select all RGB channels
2. Macros -> Colours -> White -> White
2. Macros -> Chases -> Intelligent Chase

It worked in a way, but with big chunks. Looks like (O:White, X:Off)


When I tried to change the amount "Chase" in the "Oscillator" section, it started chasing in RGB.

I would like to do "intelligent chase" with each pixels if it's possible. (O:White, X:Off)


I am hoping that there is a way to group RGB channels into a fader.

Hope this makes sense...

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