Trouble grabbing the right cue

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Trouble grabbing the right cue

Post by Brattbugg » Fri Oct 11, 2019 4:49 pm

I have a track that has 3 lines of cues on it. At the top of the waveform is my front trussing.Then at the bottom, using momentary cues, is a set of movers and a back truss. Both of these lines are separate from each other. Everything is masked and working perfect. My problem is when Im trying to edit the position of a specific cue where all 3 cues start at the same time (lets say I want to move the movers to the right a quarter measure), the cursor will grab the top truss cue instead. Is there a way to know which cue line Im actually grabbing before I make a move? I wish you could simply lock a line of cues so they become un editable, then only the line your working with would be in play.

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Re: Trouble grabbing the right cue

Post by joebataz » Sun Oct 20, 2019 8:02 pm

I agree bigtime!
Minor tips;
Click on a cue and when moving a front edge position it in between the ring and little finger of the hand cursor. When moving the rear edge position try to position it around the middle finger of the cursor.
If you have an edge that has other cue edges or points nearby, move them, you'll probably move them by accident anyway so just move them out of the way of the edge you're trying to move.
If you're trying to place a dimmable (bottom half of the editing window) cue where there are on/off cues (top half) with lots of point lines hanging down, get an idea of how long you want the cue to be (I use a small millimeter ruler), drop the cue in a relatively open space, and do you sizing there. Then move it where it needs to be. This may sound like a lot of extra effort but not as much as respositioning cues you accidently move.
What follows is a personal opinion, not a derogutory comment.

See my post on Show Buddy 1.7. I've been advocating a change to the boxes which would allow a dbl-click on a box to bring up the actual numbers (time, length, fade-up, fade-down, etc.). I'm pretty sure that the database of Show Buddy et. al, is in SQL-Lite or something similar. I also know (from decades of experience) that this is a non-trivial change but I think well worth it. If you use close to the insane amount of cues I use, not just lighting but audio and video control at the same time, you could see the value of this suggested change. When you have a large number of cues it can take 4 or 5 seconds to get a cue moved. Doesn't sound like a lot but consider that now you have to move it back and get it positioned where it was and thats 4 or 5 seconds for each tweak and THEN you get back to moving the one that you wanted to. Once again I speculate that what is happening is that when you move something every cue gets rewritten to the database. When you're in the hundreds of cues like I am that's what you're up against. As an example I recently was editing Black Magic Woman for a Halloween show. It took me close to 6 HOURS to edit the last 90 or so seconds of the song. Total cues are around 300, I use a ton of masking and MIDI cueing to other subsystems. I suggest simpler (my estimation) functions would be:

A. Button to shut off database updating while moving multiple cues.
B. Button to move a front clip edge to a previous clip back edge, option to set the space.
C. Same as above but with rear edge to following front edge.
D. A sizable snappable grid.

Dave Brown, a.k.a. db audioware puts out EXTREMELY USEFUL and POWERFUL software and at pennies compared to what's out there and I have looked for quite a few years. His products are in the market of things costings hundreds, if not thousands more. I am NOT thinking of moving to anything else because I am used to the level of support and interaction with his users that should be a model for the rest of the industry. Even after some of my annoying threads he still lets me beta test his products and hasn't yet thrown me off the forum.
I am a long winded retired software/hardware designer/engineer and am always looking to improve anything I work with, so I will continue to make suggestions and offer help (as above) where I can.
Finally, Thanks Dave!


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