MIDI issues

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MIDI issues

Post by joebataz » Sun Oct 06, 2019 2:14 am

Having some trouble with MIDI chunks keeping their identity and contents.
I have 11 songs that have corresponding videos. To get the videos to fire off in sync with SB I've created MIDI chunks that are specific to each of the clips. The video player needs to have 3 MIDI CCs sent over each with a 0 value and then a 127 value. They have to be sent in a specific order, the Selection CC, the Cue CC and then the Play CC. To try to make life a little easier after I got the first chunk working I duplicated it in the chunk editor and then changed the parameters. Around the third video I started getting retriggers of the first video. When I went in and checked the values they had reverted to the original chunk that I had duplicated. So started to check each chunk after I edited it by closing the chunk editor, reopening it and seeing if everything was where it was supposed to be. Not always but after several attempts it looked like every think was stable. I then started putting the "memos" into the tracks and ran into the same problem but in a different way. Now the memos were changing to different memos although I am sure I put the right memos in the right tracks.
I've been playing around with this for quite a while and I think the next step will be to create each chunk by itself from scratch. Hopefully that will clear the issues up.

Just an FYI, unless someone else has run into this.


Joe B

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