DMXIS Stops after one bar

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DMXIS Stops after one bar

Post by squall2 » Sun May 12, 2019 7:34 pm

Hey guys,

Unfortunately, my bandmate quit our electronic duo and he was the Ableton pro. I'm a total newbie but have some shows coming up so i'm trying to get to grips with it (and DMXIS),

At the moment, I have our large live set open - with three DMX columns in session view - one for bank changes, one for preset changes, and the third one which is blank (just called DMXIS?) not sure if my new installation of DMXIS has added this one automatically,

Anyway, when i open the DMX VST, it does not seem to match Ableton (tempo etc). I can still control the lights manually by sliding the sliders on the VST but when I play a preset change clip - nothing happens on the VST or the lights. All my banks and presets are there (pasted into the Application Support folder from a file by bandmate sent me) and I can click on a preset on the VST and it will play ok - but it does not work when I play a track in Ableton,

When I play a track in Ableton, it might play the first bar of music and lights - but then the lights freeze and don't even change when the next midi note 'preset change' triggers, the lights will also freeze after one bar if they are in the middle of a follow pattern etc

I have no idea what the 'midi' from and to dropdowns should be on any of the DMX columns?

Can anyone help please?

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