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Burn Witch Burn
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Feature Requests

Post by Burn Witch Burn » Tue May 07, 2019 10:35 am

New to Show Buddy. I'm really diggin it. Glad I bought it.
There are a couple of features I'd love to see in future updates.

1. In the Edit view: Ability to Lock or Hide the Lyrics and the Lighting Cues.
On songs with a high density of lighting cues, it's hard to grab the handles of the lyric segment. I keep grabbing the lighting cues by accident.

2. Request for how Undo works in Edit Window: It should not affect the level of zoom. Presently it zooms full out.
If I zoom way in, make a mistake and perform an Undo, the zoom level is lost and I have to manually zoom back in to continue working. (I'm on Win 10).

3. Lyric Display (Song Memo): Request for the ability to change the font size per song - or even better would be the ability to change the font size per Song Memo. Ideal would be: Preferences Window sets a global font size as we have now. This could be overridden per song in the Song Edit Window (there would be a field to enter a font size). When you add a memo, there would be a font value, so you could make that memo display smaller or larger than the other memos in that song.

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Re: Feature Requests

Post by mikevar94 » Sun May 19, 2019 9:32 pm

Plus one on the undo and zoom level issue. It’s extremely frustrating when you’re zoomed in a good amount and undo an error then the screen zooms all the way and loses your spot...

Also if I may add, how possible would it be to make it so when adding tracks to a set list, the list doesn’t scroll to the very top every time? Some of my sets lists get long and I may have to scroll a bunch to reach last song to add my next song in. Fairly inefficient when it scrolls back to top after EVERY song is added lol.

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