b.beat midi out?

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b.beat midi out?

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Hello everyone. I've been using the DMXIS for a few weeks now and so far it's been great. My band recently purchased a device for running our backing tracks, click, and videos all in one device that doesn't require a computer. This device is the b.beat by M-Live. You can see it here: https://www.m-live.com/en/b-beat/

What I'm trying to wrap my head around and get some direction on is the b.beat is capable of sending a MIDI output to sync everything up with the music. I'm looking to do this for our lights. I want our lighting to be synced with the music. Here's where my head starts to hurt:

If I'm sending MIDI from the b.beat what do I send it to? Where do I go from there? I'm assuming I have to get it to the computer and the DMXIS somehow? Any help/info is GREATLY appreciated!