Touch OSC layout for DMXIS

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Touch OSC layout for DMXIS

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Hi all,

I've used DMXIS for a few years now controlled via a midi foot pedal and an ipad with touch osc.

When initially I set this up I simply used the demo layout provided and I have been very happy with it. All I've ever needed is the ability to flick through banks and presets and a tap tempo.

I've recently made some hardware upgrades and I'm now running a different ipad and a macbook pro instead of the old windows laptop I had before in addition to using the newer version of touchosc.
I've got it all set up with the same demo layout referencing youtube videos and this forum. The buttons on the first page to change presets and banks work but unfortunately neither the tap tempo or tempo slider seem to work correctly. Tapping the tempo button at roughly 120bpm gives a speed of 30bpm in DMXIS and the tempo fader control seems to do several bizarre things.

I was hoping before I commit several hours getting to grips with the new touch OSC editor which I haven't used before. Does anyone have a layout that they would be willing to send me?

All I need is preset/bank controls and a tap tempo really