TouchOSC iPad Setup

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TouchOSC iPad Setup

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I’ve been using DMXIS for several years with a Behringer FCB1010 with no issues. It’s been super reliable and easy enough to set up and change if needed.

I’m now trying to add the option of some IPad control with TouchOSC. I’ve read some instructions and watched some videos, but I’ve been unable to find anything that actually walks through the steps of how to set up the DMXIS preset in TouchOSC on an iPad, get it talking to the pc running DMXIS, etc.

Is there a sets of steps to follow in some order? It doesn’t look difficult, it’s just that some of the videos are android and the iPad screens look completely different. I also can’t figure out how to import the preset into TouchOSC on the iPad.

Any links or help would be great. Thanks!
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Re: TouchOSC iPad Setup

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I figured this out and got it working. I will post the steps in case anyone else is having trouble connecting their Ipad to DMXIS via TouchOSC. I pieced together tips from several sources, applied a little trial and error, and finally had success!

Here are the steps I followed. Some may have been unnecessary, but in the end it worked.

1) Downloaded TouchOSC Editor on my pc. (You'll at least need it on the pc that you use to sync your ipad in Itunes, not necessarily the pc you run DMXIS on for your shows. I accidentally put it on the DMXIS pc first, which wasn't the same pc. So not sure if it is needed on that pc as well). Useful Link - ... n-windows/

2) Install Java JDK or JRE from the above link. I used the JRE for windows x64 that is circled in red.

3) Download the TouchOSC Example Layout here. Put the file somewhere you will be able to find it in a few steps.

4) Install the TouchOSC App on your ipad from the App Store.

5) At this point, you should be able to get the ipad and pc on the same network, click on the LAYOUT option and then ADD to get the new Example Layout you downloaded. However, I got an error message of timing out. This had me stumped for a while, but finally I found out that there seems to be a known bug loading to iPads. So... connect the Ipad to the pc and sync in Itunes.

6) Follow these steps: ... age-itunes

7) Get the pc that you will be running DMXIS on at gigs, and the iPad with TouchOSC on the same network. Open DMXIS on the pc and TouchOSC on the iPad.

8) Here are the settings I eventually figured out that I had to use:
a) On DMXIS on the pc - open File/Preferences.
b) Click on Enable OSC
c) Enter the Ipad IP address in the Transmit to IP Address field. (mine was
d) On the Ipad in the TouchOSC app, in the Connections section, I have the Enabled button ON, the Host is the pc IP address (mine is, Port (outgoing) is 8000, Port (incoming) is 9000.
e) In the TouchOSC Bridge section, I have the Enable button ON, Allow USB button OFF, Network Host blank.
f) In the CoreMIDI section, I have the Enabled button on.

At this point the Example Layout was populated with my Banks and Presets (I had to click on the Preset Manager button in DMXIS on the pc for the Banks and Presets to populate. I couldn't find that step anywhere. Discovered it by accident). The iPad controls DMXIS on the pc. I can use the tap tempo, control Master Speed and Master Level, etc.

A day of reading and trial and error, but ultimately success!!
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Re: TouchOSC iPad Setup

Post by Pepito »

That look awesome ! Unfortunately I can't find anywhere the TouchOSC layout for DMXIS ? Is there a way for you to upload it ?
That would be useful !
Thanks !
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Re: TouchOSC iPad Setup

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(In the DMXIS 1.7.2 download section)
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Re: TouchOSC iPad Setup

Post by vwodwo22 »

I don't see the Touch OSC template anymore in the downloads section. Does anybody have a good link for it? I've tried setting one up for SBA, but have only got it to partially work.

Thanks in advnace!
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