Time line keeps changing

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Time line keeps changing

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Ok please bare with me on this one.
Just when I thought I was getting the hang of SB I've come across a very frustrating issue.
I've set my lights up on DMXIS and they're now all sat comfortable in SB. I loaded an mp3 into the timeline and dragged and dropped my various light patterns in place.
However, When I zoom in and adjust, the track on the time line seems to have moved. So for example, I have a strobe flash on some brass stabs. All worked fine. I went along to change another pattern later in the track and the track underneath had moved slightly so now the strobes flash later than the brass stabs.

Please someone help before my pc gets launched into the garden.

Thank you in advance.
Dave Brown [admin]
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Re: Time line keeps changing

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Rather than mp3s, try using an uncompressed format for your files like wav or aiff.

Also, what version of Show Buddy are you running?
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