Visulizer Help - Intimidator Wave 360

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Visulizer Help - Intimidator Wave 360

Post by mpm32 » Fri Nov 29, 2019 9:36 pm

So I have been using show buddy with DMXIS. I have a bunch of presets I have been using with our shows for our lights

When I now use Show Buddy active, my presets have come over with no issues. The simple fixtures show on the visualizer with no issues.

I have read the visualizer sticky many times and although I understand what I need to do so that my complex fixtures show up, I do not have any idea how to implement it.

I started with my Chauvel Imtimidator Wave 360. I just kept downloading and trying the fixtures for that in the public fixtures library.

I did find one that works in the visualizer. It has 4 heads and 4 heads show up in the visualizer which I can work with although, the pan and tilt work somewhat but are not representative of the actual positions of the heads.

I tried the same with my Chauvet Swarm Wash. I went through the fixtures in the library to try and find on that works. I am unable to and I don't know where to start to build a new fixture for it. The fixture I built for it, I copied out of the manual and that does not work in the visualizer.

I also thought I would look at the public fixtures in the editor to see how the ones that are built look, but I can see a way to edit the existing fixtures or see their parameters.

Can anyone help get me started? Keep in mind I only have very basic knowledge of this stuff.

PS, will auto programs within the fixtures show up in the visualizer?

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