A Few Questions.......

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A Few Questions.......

Post by leemac » Fri May 14, 2021 3:45 pm

I think I have it right, but just to be sure before buying.........

1. I have the DMXIS software and hardware box for my lighting rig. Am I correct that its a lot easier for us to program lighting shows using Show Buddy Active?
2. Im using Studio One 5 as a live DAW, can I use Show Buddy Active as the VST within Studio One 5 which would render the DMXIS software as 'unrequired'?
3. As far as licensing goes....If the above is true, I run the live show on a laptop and I also have a 'backup' laptop, but would prefer to program the show on a large monitored desktop, could I run Show Buddy Active on all 3 of these machines?

Thanks for answering.
Kind Regards

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