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Midi Learn in Ableton Lag Problem

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2020 12:58 pm
by FAster77
Hi Guys,

I'm creating a huge ableton Liveset for my Show, where we play all the instruments with midikeys directly from the computer. My Machine is very powerfull (macbook pro 2019 16", maxed out) so this is not a problem.
However I also control the lights with SBA and today I tried to use midi Learn, to fire some sunstrips to certain hits in the show. I used a dummy clip for this, which sends midi to SBA ch1. The learning and patching work perfectly. But when I now play the show, the computer lags and the audio gets drop outs everytime the dummyclip triggers the sunstrips....

Can anybody help me with this or does anyone experience the same issue? I found it kind of odd because it's only a midi signal.. Or is SBA a huge cpu monster? I also can't increase the buffersize, as we need as little latency as possible to play in time.

Another thing i noticed was the video playback.. it seems not possible to play a video on highest resolution 25fps flawlessly... with other software (videosync) I don't get this problem (that's why I switched for the video)