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Show buddy Active Projection VP8 Video

Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2020 7:58 pm
by andy gibbs
Can anyone help with this, I am planning to use s/b/a/ projection to show video on my show but I've just been reading the apple support page on video formats and the latest Catalina/64 bit O/S and it says that VP8 along with a good deal of other formats will be effected by the 64 bit tech. As projection has to be in VP8 format to play will this still work as my new M/B/Pro is 64 bit and has Catalina pre installed, It also states that BEFORE upgrading to Catalina you can convert your existing files to play, As all my files will all new and produced on my new M/B/Pro I won't be able to convert them after, Or am I not understanding this quite write, Any help/info on this would be greatly appreciated.
I hope I've explained this well enough,