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Multiple Fixtures on the Same DMX Channel

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 4:39 pm
by mpm32

We recently got a new laptop for the band and added Show Buddy Active projection.

Our previous set up was Show Buddy and DMXIS running our lights.

I have copied over all the data I need to the new laptop and it looks like everything is mostly working. I have added/copied over my fixtures from the old laptop to the fixtures library.

When I set up my presets and DMX channels on the old laptop, I put several fixtures on the same channels for ease of programming. For Example; I have 2 Swarm Washes on the same DMX channel, 2 Intimidator Waves on the another DMX Channel, 2 Geysers on another DMX channel. In the visualizer, only one of each of those fixtures come up. I tried to add another fixture starting on the same DMX channel but Show Buddy Active would not let me. Is there a workaround for this so I have all the fixtures showing in the visualizer? Or if not, an easy way to add the fixtures to their own DMX channels and copy over the presets. It has to be easy because I have over 50 songs already programmed from the old laptop.

Another issue is that I do not see the beams from the Swarm wash or the Waves on the Visualizer. Probably some setting I need to have that I didn't. Help with this would be great also.

In advance, thanks!

Re: Multiple Fixtures on the Same DMX Channel

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 5:18 pm
by mpm32
For my second issue, I found this; I read through it but most is over my head.

I'm assuming I have to edit the fixture in the fixture editor. I have no clue about this stuff (I can learn though with help).

Or does anyone have these adjusted fixture profiles for a Chauvet Swarm Wash and a Intimidator Wave?

Or maybe walk me through what I need to do? I am very nervous to mess up any of my presets that I already have programmed to my tracks.

Thanks! Show Buddy Active is so powerful and cool, I can't wait to use its full capabilities!