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Song Management

Post by RipChord » Wed Oct 09, 2019 7:51 am

Looking for feedback from ShowBuddy users - I'm a single act running OnSong for my song/lyrics management. They were supposed to have DMX programming but they haven't quite ironed it out yet so I'm thinking of switching to ShowBuddy. My only concern is how ShowBuddy handles songs and lyrics.

It seems that it's set up to do a "show" - a start to finish song to song kind of show. I go into a gig with a list of 250 songs with backing tracks and pick what song I want to play. Sometimes I'm responding to a request, most of the time I'm reading the room. There needs to be some kind of neutral stage light setting for that interim period,

Can anyone tell me if they are using ShowBuddy to do something like this? How is the song management part of ShowBuddy? Is there a setting that turns on a certain lighting scene after one song is done and the next is being picked?


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Re: Song Management

Post by sonasrec » Wed Oct 16, 2019 12:32 pm

My solution to this is, to use touch osc on an ipad in front of me to wirelessly select any preset in showbuddy/dmxis. Theres a button on the ipad for every song we do. I fit about 60 songs on each page and you can have as many pages as you want, so it makes selecting songs quick and easy.

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