New usages enabled by SBA...

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New usages enabled by SBA...

Post by ojacques » Tue Sep 17, 2019 12:17 am

Just a quick feedback on SBA, as I'm converting few songs from DMXIS to SBA (demo for now, evaluating).

As a very heavy user of DMXIS since 2015, I'm not lost with SBA. Interface is pretty familiar; bank / presets / oscillators, everything I liked is there.

What find really interesting is the effect section, mixed with the preview, which allows me to design my show in new ways.
In less than few hours, I was able to:
* Re-create all my fixtures in SBA: 5 LED wash, 2 led bars with PAN, 2 moving heads (this is far from perfect: the color wheel is not supported and tilt not really there)
* Load all my DMXIS presets (yeah! I can now see them in preview without having a working rig in my garage :D )
* Create new, way more homogeneous and artistic presets. Previously, I had to do a lot of manipulations to have something which would look nice and in harmony across the fixtures. The new effect section allows me to create quite interesting cues really quickly. Example (this is a rectangle with 2 colors red/white, moving vertically, and a rotating starfield on top):

I am not sure I understand how I could take advantage of the video - yet. But I have to read more about it.

I like the support of OSC as input and the addition of ARTNET in addition to DMXIS... This potentially allows more advanced visualizers without an additional DMX/USB interface (did not tried as I don't have a 3D visualizer).

For me, it looks like this is worth the upgrade...
DMXIS since 2015, Show Buddy Active since 9/2019.

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