Idea: Show Strobe in Visualiser

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Idea: Show Strobe in Visualiser

Post by Callan05 » Sat Feb 16, 2019 12:12 am

Hey Dave,
I just purchased SBA this morning, along with ordering some new lights to add to what I've been using with DMXIS (total of 20 LED's now, so still quite small, but good for the level I play at).
I'm reworking all of my presets from DMXIS and really enjoying having the visualiser available.

One idea that might be of interest, is if a fixture has a strobe channel that is > 0, you could add an 'S' to the fixture in the visualiser.
An alternative to the *S*, might be a flashing border, or some kind of glow - I'll leave the UI up to you to figure out.

Same might apply for other types of fixtures, at a quick glance you can see straight away that there is more going on that the visualiser can't display.

My next gig with full lights is StPat's day, so sorry in advance if I put lots of questions and perhaps other ideas here over the next few weeks :)


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