Show Buddy w/ OBS for Layers & Camera Switching

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Show Buddy w/ OBS for Layers & Camera Switching

Post by dnathan » Wed Jun 19, 2019 12:45 am

I’m interested in purchasing, but have a question:

I need to output to two screens - one for lyrics and one for the crowd to see. I’m thinking about OBS for that, but would the Showbuddy output mean that I couldn’t output via OBS? I’m going to have two live cams that I’ll switch and record in OBS along with the Showbuddy webm video. (The webm video will be the only pre-recorded video, and the audio from it will be the only audio.)

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Re: Show Buddy w/ OBS for Layers & Camera Switching

Post by steveforward » Wed Mar 17, 2021 4:54 pm

I've been using OBS for about a year now with Reaper using ReaStream to connect up the ASIO out of Reaper.

Recently, I've been adding more logitech webcam C920's to create more cams, it seems there are a few options.

BOME's MIDI Translator Classic enables you to send MIDI data out from your DAW to OBS as it can translate MIDI to HotKey commands.

The biggest issue with this, is the OBS window needs to be "upfront". Also, if you do this all on the same machine, you'll need someway of getting MIDI data out of your DAW and out to the other program, LoopBE Midi would work.

But this plugin looks to be promising: ... vices.940/

My aim is to use this with my laptop running SB/DMXIS, and take a MIDI out from the laptop to one of my machines running OBS. I'm hoping to setup a MIDI Chunk command for say C0 to switch to scene 1 - with one cam, then D0 to scene 2 - cam two and so forth.

this way, I can program my lightshow to my backing tracks like normal, and add MIDI data chunks in to switch OBS scenes.

it's the last chink in my armour, so to speak, I have everything else in place with my livestreaming. If I can control my scenes using Showbuddy, then I'll be sorted.
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