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General Guidelines for new fixtures and requesting edit ability for existing fixtures.

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2020 5:36 pm
by AndyP
Is there any general guidance or helpfile for creating new fixture files?
I am currently making a few for my own use and would share them if I thought they were correctly done.

For example, are there any standards for "name", "short name", "label" and "short label" (and what's the difference, where exactly are they each used?!)

Also, I would like to repeat the request that has been made in past forum posts for the ability to edit existing fixtures.

All of my first attempts at creating new fixtures were "okay", but they require small tweaks (eg in the name and label fields mentioned above) and it is really annoying to have to start from scratch and repeat every single setting, just to correct a typo or something.
And as others have said, there are many existing fixtures in the library are very similar to what a user might want, but that need just small changes. Some may even be messy or incomplete... Users should really be able to use an existing file as a basis for creating new ones.