Order of presets change - wasted hours of time

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Order of presets change - wasted hours of time

Post by andyp13 » Wed Mar 03, 2021 11:51 pm

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After watching a video on setting up DMXIS for syncing to a show via MIDI I followed the instructions. On the preset list he advised to name the presets starting with the MIDI note associated with them...after spending a few hours programming in the MIDI info (using Cubase) etc etc I loaded up the show on my working laptop and all the preset orders have changed...... absolutely gutted - hours wasted ☹️

I put my presets in order from
C-2 Red
Db Blue
D chase 1
Eb Chase 2

etc etc... when I loaded up to continue everything had been placed in Alphabetical order All A's and Ab's grouped together etc..

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