Preset 'library' or copy/paste?

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Preset 'library' or copy/paste?

Post by AndyP » Sat Oct 31, 2020 11:42 pm

I joined back in Feb to start learning Dmxis as a total lighting newbie (I'm a soundie), but then life got in the way, so I'm actually no further advanced and am still a raw beginner.
I had a bash again tonight and wanted to program something really simple for Halloween. But what it did was make me realise I seem to be missing a fundamental part of how Dmxis works.

I wanted some presets to repeat in a sequence in a Bank. Lets just say I had a few rgb fixtures all set to a single colour and I called the Presets "red" "green" and "amber", and I now want to put them into an order - say red, then green, then amber, then green again, then amber again then red.

I was expecting to just "copy and paste" the presets into a list, but that doesn't seem to work at all.
Have I really got to call up a preset, then create a new preset with those settings and give it a new name EVERY time?

Imagine another scenario, where a band want a standard lighting for every 'between songs' chat and then some simple moods.
They don't need any thing clever and never change the set, so all they want is:
Bank 1 (Song 1)
1. Chat
2. Mood 1
3. Mood 2
4. Mood 3
5. Mood 2
6. Chat
Bank 2 (song 2)
1. Chat
2. Mood 2
3. Mood 4
8. Mood 2
9. Mood 4
10. Mood 2
Bank 3 (song 3)
9. Chat
10. Mood 1
etc. etc.

So what I'm describing is a "library" of presets, which can be called up and placed into a particular order in several different Banks (songs). Without having to make a new preset every time it gets re-used.

It seems an obvious way of working to me, is this just not how its done in Dmxis for some reason?

I hope you've managed to follow my ramblings and can make sense of what I'm trying to describe!

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