Copy masking on specific channels only?

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Copy masking on specific channels only?

Post by adamfresk » Mon Sep 21, 2020 7:53 pm

Is there anyone who knows a macro for copying only specific masking, on certain given channels, to all the presets within a certain bank?

The mask copying macro I have access to now copies literally *everything* related to masking in a whole preset, to all the other presets in the bank. This includes not only *all* the masking within the given preset (as opposed to only the masking on specific, selected channels), but also all the *active* channels within that preset. This means that any active channels in all the other presets will be overwritten with any masking that exists within the source preset, and *also* that any masked channels on the other presets (that doesn´t correspond to the masking within the source preset) will be *activated*.

This is *very* far from what I need to accomplish.

I need to copy the masking on one, specific channel (which I want to actively select), leaving everything else untouched. (It´s a gobo channel which I accidentally have set to zero on all the presets within a whole bunch of banks, instead of masking it within all those presets and banks.) I need this *single channel* masked on all the presets (except one) within the selected bank, so that I can control it separately, independently of everything else.

As it now is, I need to do the cumbersome job of going into every single preset within the bank, selecting the gobo channel, masking it, and then overwriting the preset. I then have to repeat this procedure over and over again, manually as it were, on 50+ presets, on 30+ banks. A headache to say the least.

I want to be able to mask the channel on preset one, say, and then copy the masking *for this channel only* to all the rest of the presets without changing any of the other masked/active channels. There has to be a way to do this, no?


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