Dmxis 5 pin and 3 pin

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Dmxis 5 pin and 3 pin

Post by Om3gasus » Sun Aug 18, 2019 10:12 pm

Hey all! I'm new to this forum but I couldn't find info on this anywhere else. I use dmxis (and I love it) and I've been using 3 pin for all my stage lighting needs. I'm looking into individually addressable dmx controllable led strips for some effect/backlighting on stage, they are 5 pin direct dmx (without using a decoder.) So can I use 3 pin to run my other lights and 5 pin to run the strips all at the same time in the plugin? Does it work to run both 3 and 5 at all?

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Re: Dmxis 5 pin and 3 pin

Post by RichG » Fri Aug 23, 2019 7:31 pm

Yes, you can run 3 and 5 pin together. Just get a converter like THIS one.

The first three pins are the same between the 3 and 5 pin connector. The 5 pin connector has an extra set or data lines that probably aren't used by your LED strips. Check the manual to be sure.

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Re: Dmxis 5 pin and 3 pin

Post by Callan05 » Sun Aug 25, 2019 8:43 am

The manual does say this:

Important: do not attempt to connect lights to BOTH the 3-
pin and 5-pin output sockets simultaneously. Use EITHER
the 3-pin OR the 5-pin output.

You should go from your DMXIS 5 pin, to your new lights (5 pin cable), then get a 5pin to 3 pin cable to go from your new lights to the old ones, creating one big loop.
Alternatively, what I did was grab a ENTTEC D-Split (and mount it in my mixer rack case along with DMXIS)
I run a single 5 pin cable from DMXIS to D-Split, then I run cables to each corner of our stage.
Much cleaner, but more gear

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