Using DMXIS with a MIDI Drum pads

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Using DMXIS with a MIDI Drum pads

Post by andyTHPS » Fri Jul 05, 2019 7:48 pm

Hey all,

I've got LED strips responding through my e-kit (USB to MIDI) DMX Decoder and Entec's DMXIS. The chain looks like this:

Roland TD-12 e-kit --> MIDI to USB --> Entec DMXIS --> DMX cable --> Decoder --> LED strip light

Right now, I have Channel 1 (red) turning up when I hit the snare drum (via MIDI), and the light stays on it stays on. If I hit the snare again, it might turn off the red light, or it might continue to stay on.

What I'd like to have happen do is have the Red light turn on, then fade out nearly immediately every time i hit the snare.

I know that I could preprogram the lights to do what I want (which is great), but my goal is to get this working by not having to do that and have the lights react to my drumming.

I'm pretty new to all of this stuff and haven't luck through google yet, so I'm not sure if this has been done or if it's possible.

Any ideas?

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