Using the "Learn" feature while running as a VST?

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Using the "Learn" feature while running as a VST?

Post by audiolobotomy » Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:17 pm

I've been using DMXis on and off for a few years now. Now I have a new project where I'm going to be running lights for a live band instead of setting up midi tracks to audio and having the presets change automatically.
I have an AKAI MPC mini which I'm using to trigger midi sequences via Ableton live, thus giving me nice little scenes.
My problem is: I can't figure out how to make "bumps." ie. a preset is running and i need it to blackout when I press a button, but only momentarily, and not affect the rest of the preset that is currently running. Also, not have to press my bump and then subsequently have to press whichever preset was playing beforehand again to return to normal state.
I had been using DMXis in standalone mode, and the "learn" feature was working for this, lets say by learning all intensity faders to the same midi note. Preset running, press and hold said learned note, and then it would just flick the fader on, then immediately off once the note is released. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make this concept work while running DMXis as a VST.
Am I missing something? Is there a workaround?
Channel masking doesn't seem to be providing the desired results because it requires me to re-press the note of my original preset in order to... un-bump.. for lack of a better term.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've looked all over for a solution and am stumped.
-Cody in Florida

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