AUDIO DRIVER - All oscillators now wrong speed

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AUDIO DRIVER - All oscillators now wrong speed

Post by gavuzzi » Sat Jun 01, 2019 11:14 am

I have a problem I've been trying to fix for a few weeks now.
I had an error randomly pop up when opening standalone DMXIS which was to say there was an error with the audio driver and it is required to run the Oscillators. The driver I had set up when programming my show was the built in Realtek driver.
I re selected the Realtek driver and now the Oscillators are working again but at completely the wrong speeds for my show.

At first they were running about 3 times faster, but after playing with the sample rate and bringing that to the lowest (2 ms) I have managed to slow the speeds down dramatically but still no where in time with my different bank tempos.

I've tried different drivers, different sample and buffer sizes but nothing comes close to the original speed of my show where everything was on the beat!

Starting to get quite frustrated with this as I can't seem to find a solution and my entire show of about 60 songs is all at random speeds on the Oscillator and I don't use the sound tracker function at all (which is what I'm assuming you need the audio driver for)

Im running DMXIS version 1.6.3

Hope someone can help.


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