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Chasing Groups

Post by sidekick94 » Sat Apr 06, 2019 4:27 pm

Hi all-I'm hoping that the collective wisdom of this group may help me get past a "mind block" that I'm having.

The Set Up: I have 8 LED par fixtures as backlighting. I have 6 LED par cans as front lighting. All of these fixtures have the ability to adjust the RGB settings and have a master dimmer channel. Pretty simple and straight up.

A band that I do programming for requested a look where the 8 LED pars in back, AS A GROUP, chase AGAINST the 6 LED par cans in front.
In other words, the pars in back will increase in intensity as a group, just as the pars in front will be decreasing in intensity, as a group.

I can't seem to set up the oscillators to accomplish this task. I am sure that it is possible, but my brain is struggling with this little puzzle. Any help is really appreciated!

Dave Brown [admin]
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Re: Chasing Groups

Post by Dave Brown [admin] » Sun Apr 07, 2019 1:47 pm

In the current 1.6.3 release, you can select channels individually and adjust the Chase control. For example, if set Chase=0.50 for your 6 front pars, this will set them oscillating in opposite phase to the back pars.

In the upcoming release (due very soon) holding down <Alt> whilst adjusting Chase for a group of selected channels will override the default behaviour and set ALL of those channels to the same value. So in your case, you will be able to select the 6 front pars and set Chase=0.5 in one move by holding down <Alt>.
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