How to backup your Show Buddy Setlist data

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How to backup your Show Buddy Setlist data

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[This article also applies to older versions of Show Buddy]

Show Buddy Setlist stores all your track, lightshow and show information in a single database file. As you create and edit your tracks & shows, Show Buddy Setlist automatically and silently saves your changes to the database – there is no File Open or Save option as is found in document based programs.

You can create backups of the current database from the File > Backup database menu option. This will archive the database in a .dbb file. It’s a good idea to backup your database regularly while you are editing, and before each live gig (so you can always recover to a known point should something go wrong).

To restore from a backup, select the File > Restore from backup… menu option and choose a .dbb backup file.

Your media tracks (e.g. wav and mp3 files) are not saved & restored as part of this procedure. Show Buddy Setlist stores your media files in the folder shown in File > Preferences window. You should also backup this folder on a regular basis.
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