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D-Pro connect to Ableton Live on Windows

Posted: Sun Nov 14, 2021 1:11 pm
by BroodjeEcoli
Hi all,

I am currently hitting a wall with the following issue:

Want to use D-Pro as well as Ableton Live to record my lightscenes build in D-Pro and programn these scenes in midi in ableton live using my APC mini launchpad.

Using D-Pro to create Scenes with my lighting, combined with a APC mini launchpad.
After, I want to go to ableton live to start the song and use my Launchpad to trigger the midi scenes created in D-PRO, while hitting record on ableton live.

The Launchpad mini is not detected by both software tools (D-pro and ableton live) at the same time. Its only 1 or the other.

Anyone know a fix around?

All the best,