1.7.1 Midi Chunk for Tap Tempo

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1.7.1 Midi Chunk for Tap Tempo

Post by neilnotts » Mon Apr 05, 2021 12:07 am

Short version;
  • New mixer/audio interface
  • Delay FX on mixer controlled by Tap Temp via midi note
  • Set up midi chunk to fire tap tempo command (no count in)
  • Applied 4 instances of midi chunk in line with bass drum of audio track
  • I get different tempos on the mixer FX each time i run the track (tempo can vary between 1 and 3 bpm of the target tempo)
Has anyone experienced this kind of behaviour before?
I have tried increasing and decreasing the number of taps and still get varied results.
I have tried firing the command from Ableton Live and the tempo is set correctly each time.

Could this be a timing issue within Show Buddy Setlist?

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