Still looking for MIDI file help

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Still looking for MIDI file help

Post by joebataz » Sat May 11, 2019 11:23 pm

I've still been trying to figure out how the "Export lightshow to midi file" works. I've been able to load the file into a couple of different DAWs (Maschine 2, Studio One 4) but it appears as if the file is way too short for the show. One of my shows is about 30 minutes long and the exported file imported to 129 measures which is way too short for what's been programmed. And I can't match up the MIDI notes to what they map to in the Show Buddy BANKS/PRESETS.
I would use Show Buddy standalone except for the fact that I can't get audio of what's playing to activate sound tracker channels and I can't get the BPM to change based on the song playing so my oscillators are out of sync with the music. Sure if I use the VST then everything is sort of happy but then I have to hand code all the MIDI which defeats the whole concept of using Show Buddy to drive SBA and having the capability to put cues right where I want.
Couple of other little "bugs" are when trying to do smooth color fades between moving heads. When there is any sort of gap between cues the moving heads want to pan/tilt back to values of 0/0. I tried to fix this but setting default values in the fixture definitions but using Show Buddy standalone it ignores the defaults. Defaults only work when SBA is used as a VST and we're back to the issue of not having a Show Buddy VST that will drive SBA. And the last little thing I ran into is when doing selections. I do a lot of masking so I'm selecting large areas of channels and I noticed that if you start at a low channel and shift-click on the end channel then all of the channels will be affected by whatever macro you're running. But if you select from a higher channel to a lower one the lowest channel drops out of the selection.
Once again thanks to anyone who can shed some light on these issues and get me back on track, especially with the MIDI. If I had one item for a wish list it would be an export which would produce a file with BANK/PRESET note pairs and a timestamp of when they occured. But I'm sure Dave's got a ton of other things that need doing first.

Thanks for listening to me rattling on..


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