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D-PRO and ableton, launchpad cannot connect to both software applications at the same time.

Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2021 2:28 pm
by BroodjeEcoli
Hi All,

I am having troubles with D-PRO and ableton Live
Goal: Setup 'clips'/light movements in D-PRO and connect these to my Launchpad (Akai APC mini), then I want to run my music in Ableton Live and hit Record, hitting my light scenes on the launchpad while recording.

Issue: My launchpad only wants to connect to D-PRO OR Ableton live. Not both at the same time.
When its connected to D-PRO, i can trigger my light scenes, but the info is not transfered to ableton, so ableton does not record the launchpad butrton pushes.

Anyone knows a fix around or driver/splitter?

All the best,