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Feature request for venue installs

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 10:16 pm
by lightdork
DPro has worked great for us when doing venue installs. It can easily be setup for venue staff who have no knowledge of lighting to get the system on for opening. Yet, another hidden tab can contain everything an experienced operator needs to busk more demanding shows as needed/hired.

A few things that would make things more seamless...

Startup with select snapshot(s). Basically auto trigger a snapshot when dpro starts.

Switch between dpro player and full dpro seamlessly with a password. There are many times when an experienced operator shows up and would not like to use the player. (Not a bad idea to have the programmer available when busking) If you close the player and open the full version and quickly open show control and hit a snap shot you can almost do it quick enough without every par in the building blacking out. It would be nice if there was an admin button or menu item in the player that would switch to the full version seamlessly with a password, of course.

As of current we avoided the dreaded blacks by customizing all the par fixture profiles to default to a nice red so if dpro is ever reset the bar doesn’t go dark. Maybe even default settings for fixtures inside dpro patch editor would be nice. So when show control is closed the venue will always look it’s default.


Re: Feature request for venue installs

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 10:42 pm
by APT Tech
I like the idea of being able to instantiate the full programmer from the player, without a complete reset. I have no idea how complicated that would be and what programming pitfalls Dave might encounter - what I don't want, is a less stable Player as a result :D but if it can be done, I think it'd be very handy!