D-PRO and Cubase ?

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D-PRO and Cubase ?

Post by Dukkha » Sun May 05, 2019 11:48 pm

Hey Everyone !
We're using DMXIS with Cubase at the moment and it's working pretty well for our lightshows, this has been a gamechanger for our set :)
However, as you may know, as much as we add more and more fixtures it's becoming quite difficult to maintain everything right and to make changes easily if we have to adapt things along the different venues we can have.
Indeed, in order to be very tight with the lightshow, we work with DMXIS as a VST on a midi channel and then we set as much automation as we have DMX Channels to control them, drawing lines to control our effects.. Yes, this needs patience.. AND determination ^^

By the way here-'s an excerpt of what we do for fun with dmxis right now :

We saw that you could create chases with DMXIS and then program an alternation of thoses ones by using 2 Midi Channels (15/16) in a DAW but it's not as precise as we need it to be relatively to pan/tilt movement etc and the databank is hardly "re-usable" for different song which would have different tempos, even using the tempo fader in the dmxis general parameters. The goal is to "press play" at the beginning of our songs and not touch anything until the end of it.

Also we may have been using it the wrong way and i might be wrong in what I'm saying as I'm pretty new to dmxis, if so do not hesitate to give us tutorials / advices, everything will be appreciated :)

So as DMXIS doesn't seems to be the best solution in the long term, my question is :

Can D-Pro also be working as a VST like dmxis on Cubase eventually ? It seems that it could save us a big amount of time for the future :) Changing our DAW is not a possibility right now for information, as all our audio set (tempo/rythm signatures/samples) is already programmed in Cubase.

Thanks !
Julien - Dukkha

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