D-Pro 1.8.1 release now available

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D-Pro 1.8.1 release now available

Post by Dave Brown [admin] » Mon May 07, 2018 9:39 am

D-Pro version 1.8.1 is now available as a free download for all D-Pro 2U and 8U users.

Installation process

As with any software & operating system upgrade, it is good practice to create a full bootable backup of your show-critical computer before upgrading D-Pro (so you can quickly restore to a known state if necessary). As an absolute minimum, you should make a safe backup of your D-Pro .dsf show files!

To upgrade to D-Pro 1.8.1, simply open the D-Pro application - if you have a live internet connection, you will be prompted to download the new installer. Run the 1.8.1 installer once downloaded. Your existing show files will work without modification.

Full release notes
  • D-Pro 2U license now includes the PRO Mk2 Standalone Playback feature.
  • Added momentary feature to Show Control. Allows flash buttons to be created. Works with mouse, keyboard & MIDI control.
  • Added override feature to Show Control buttons & submaster faders. Allows direct control of one or more DMX channels, overriding all other current cues & cuelists.
  • Art-Net sub-net and universe parameters added to the Preferences window.
  • DMX output refresh rate can now be customised (per-show) from the Preferences window.
  • Improved speed of multiple cell edits in cuelist editor. Start triggers were taking several minutes to save with long cuelists.
  • Improved Show Control mouse handling. Buttons activate immediately upon mouse key presses.
  • Increased max Show Control fade times from 60s to 10 minutes.
  • Patch window : can now edit unlverse:channel for multiple fixtures simultaneously. Handy for shifting blocks of RGB pixels around.
  • Fixed keyboard handling on OS X - the system 'alert' sound is longer heard when pressing a key.
  • Bugfix : in Patch window, fixed crash (and possible show file corruption) when a newly patched fixture exceeds channel 512.
  • Bugfix : fixed ESC key handling (was not switching from command window back to original window)
  • Bugfix : Fix 16 bit pan/tilt editor in programmer window, when 'fine' channels appear after the main 'pan/tilt' channels in the fixture definition.
  • Bugfix : display help message when DMX USB PRO box running (incompatible) 2.4 firmware is connected.
  • Bugfix : D-Pro Player displays error message if last-opened D-Pro project not found.
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